Our Services

Core Services

Supply & Procurement

At IQRA Construction & Supply Company, our supply and procurement services entail the meticulous sourcing and timely delivery of a diverse range of goods and materials essential for various projects

Construction Development

In the realm of construction, IQRA Construction & Supply Company excels in delivering high-quality, innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Capacity Building Training

At IQRA Construction & Supply Company, we recognize the importance of empowering individuals and organizations through capacity building training.


Our rehabilitation services focus on revitalizing and restoring existing infrastructure and facilities to enhance their functionality and longevity.

General Trading

In addition to our core services, IQRA Construction & Supply Company engages in general trading activities to facilitate the exchange of commodities and goods within the local market.

At IQRA Construction & Supply Company, our marketing policy is designed to promote our brand, showcase our capabilities, and attract clients while upholding our values of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our marketing efforts are guided by the following principles and strategies:

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